Thesis // Stargazing: Enchantment Through Language

Self-published Master's Thesis, 2013 https://www.proquest ... 1443780909

Modern, Western people often conceive the universe as a mindless void full of lifeless objects. This mistaken conception perpetuates a deep-seated loneliness and disconnection from the larger universe. Language and the words we use every day offer a way back into connection.

(White)head Over Heels: The Erotic Side of Process Philosophy

Academic Paper, May 2011

The process philosophy of Whitehead offers us a way to experience reality in its fully eroticized brilliance, showing us the consistency we crave in existence is actually found in the continual yearning for more.


Cosmos & Psyche: Empowerment of Desire

Academic Paper, August 2011

By focusing on desires the process enhances the already mutually beneficial relationship between psychology and astrology by placing importance upon the archetypes exposing themselves through psychoanalysis and the birth chart and transits.


Ernst Cassirer: Seeing Through Symbolic Form into the Integral

Academic Paper, December 2011

It is only through a new way of understanding our relationshipto symbolic form that we can move more fully into the Integral era.


Thomas Berry: Universing Through Language

Academic Paper, November 2011

The work of Thomas Berry, a cosmologist and geologian (Earth-knower),who lived between 1914 and 2009, questions our current anthropocentric approach to the natural world.


Joseph Campbell: The Neverending Hero's Journey

Academic Paper, August 2010

The writer, lecturer, and mythologist Joseph Campbell spent most of his life interpreting this magic of myth and dissecting its value in the everyday experience.


Milrepa & Eckhart: The Middle Path Between Effort & Grace

Academic Paper, March 2011

At the heart of many spiritual teachings is the question of effort and grace, the difference of conscious endeavor and exertion.



Five Witchy, Feminist Films for Halloween Weekend

The Bold Italic, October 2020 https://thebolditali ... 67da627c2e

The season of spookiness has arrived, and what better way to get into the spirit(s) than watching some witchy, feminist flicks?

Everything Going Down for International Women's Day in the Bay

Broke-Ass Stuart, March 2018 https://brokeassstua ... -bay-area/

While not an official holiday in the United States, more than 100 countries around the world celebrate International Women’s Day.

How to Be an Ideal Woman Under Patriarchy

Broke-Ass Stuart, August 2017 https://brokeassstua ... atriarchy/

For those of you who like rules and structures, like patriarchy, this list is for you.

Miss Representation: What Competing in Beauty Pageants Taught Me About Beauty

Elephant Journal, January 2012 https://www.elephant ... ky-farrar/

Somewhere along the way, it seems that women choose between wanting to be appreciated for their looks or something else — at least I did.

Why Prop C is Better Than Any Other Homeless Initiative Ever

Broke-Ass Stuart, October 8, 2018 https://brokeassstua ... tive-ever/

No matter where or how long you have lived here, homelessness can sometimes feel hopeless in San Francisco. However, that could shift with a new Initiative called Proposition C: Our City, Our Home which is aimed at solving homelessness with the only that seems to help it…housing.

She Writhes

Suspira Magazine, Volume II Winter 2018 https://www.suspiram ... ish-issue/

An exploration the goddess Lilith and feral female sexuality.


5 Simple Shortcuts for Diving Into Shadow Work

Elephant Journal, April 2018 https://www.elephant ... adow-work/

C.G. Jung coined the term “shadow” to describe the dark side of the psyche and encompasses the denied, disowned, and rejected parts of ourselves. Tips and tricks for going deeper.

Healing the Virgin-Whore Split

Elephant Journal, March 2014 https://www.elephant ... ca-farrar/

Examination of the virgin (or Madonna) and whore split that occurs in many of our psyches.

Reclaiming my Virginity

Elephant Journal, March 2014 https://www.elephant ... ca-farrar/

While we think about virginity as meaning never having had sex, the word virgin was not always linked to chastity. In many Greek translations, the word virgin meant “one unto herself.”

Truth be Told, the Whore Scares Me

Elephant Journal, December 2014 https://www.elephant ... scares-me/

Truth be told, the whore scares me.

That part of myself feels hidden, dirty and therefore disowned. Like many of us I associate sexuality with something that is wrong. So, I do my best to hide it.

5 Ways for Uncovering Your Golden Shadow During Eclipse Season

Elephant Journal, January 2019 https://www.elephant ... se-season/

Eclipses represent a dance of light and dark—similar to our personal psyches and souls. They have rhythms and phases that we can predict, and then at the same time feel chaotic. During an eclipse, as the sun, moon, and Earth play in shadows, we too have the same opportunity.

Witchy Wisdom

Pay Attention to the Signs: 10 Omens You May Be a Witch

Elephant Journal, July 2015 https://www.elephant ... e-a-witch/

Before the United States became a country, there were witch hangings and it’s something I often think about around the Fourth of July.

Summer Solstice & Litha: Midsummer Magic & Merriment

J. Southern Studio, June 2018 https://www.jsouther ... -merriment

Known as Summer Solstice to most, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere has several names including Litha and Midsummer. It is a day of joy and merriment, as well as major witchiness.

Beltane: Beauty & Bounty

J. Southern Studio, April 2018 https://www.jsouther ... uty-bounty

If there were a “Sexiest Season” award, then it would definitely go to spring, mostly thanks to Beltane.

Lammas & Lughanasadh: Greeting the Grain

J. Southern, August 2018 https://www.jsouther ... icinsights

Lammas, aka Lughanasadh in Gaelic, marks the beginning of the harvest season in Wiccan and Pagan traditions.

Mabon: Myth & Mysteries

J. Southern Studio, September 2018 https://www.jsouther ... eries-myth

Often called the Witches Thanksgiving, Mabon, was the second harvest festival of three each year, the first being Lammas.

Samhaim: Saint & Soul Days

J. Southern Studio, October 2018 https://www.jsouther ... c3c4e97e89

Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, has more meaning than simply a slapstick holiday, cloaked in candy and costumes. The current secular holiday takes it's roots from the Christian celebration of All Saints Day on November 1 for honoring holy people of the past: hallow from Old English meaning "holy."

Yule: Rebirth & Reflection

J. Southern Studio, December 2018 https://www.jsouther ... ights/yule

Yule or Yuletide, aka Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere marks the longest night and shortest day of the year and is one of the oldest celebrations in the world. Like all the Neopagan holidays the date varies between December 20 to December 23 depending on the year.

Winter Solstice 2018: Celebrating the Saturnalia Self

Wanderlust Journal, December 2018 https://wanderlust.c ... alia-self/

What the heck is your Saturnalia self, and what’s its relationship to the holiday season? Gotchu. Presenting the Solstice: explained.

Imbolc & Candlemas: Flames of Fertility

J Southern Studio, February 2019 https://jsouthernstu ... -fertility

Officially celebrated on February 1 at sunset, Imbolc, or Imbolg, signals the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

Astrology, Witch

Omens of Witchhood in the Natal Chart

Bad Witches, May 8, 2019 https://badwitch.es/ ... ogy-chart/

While it may not always be obvious to spot a witch at first glance in the wild, the astrology natal chart can’t hide the omens.


Eris: The Alchemist of Inclusion

The Mountain Astrologer, February 1, 2024 (spring issue) https://mountainastr ... /zineshop/

While often considered a divisive archetype, the dwarf planet Eris may be a path to unity--through examining shadow projection and our desire to belong.

San Francisco's Astrology Chart and What It Says About You

Broke Ass Stuart, April 15, 2022 https://brokeassstua ... about-you/

Happy birthday SF, here's what I love about it's astrology natal chart.

Celebrating Your Solar Self

Spirit Guides Magazine, July 2018 https://spiritguides ... olar-self/

elebrating the Summer Solstice has been a tradition as early as the Stone Age, around 2.5 million years ago.

Named for the Goddess of Marriage and Money

Astrology.com, June 2019 https://www.astrolog ... tionships/

What do June, weddings, and money have in common, besides summertime and possible travel? Since ancient times, all of these have been closely linked with Juno, the Roman goddess of love and marriage.

Asteroid Vesta Points to the Sacred Dimension of our Sexuality

Astrology.com, February 2020 https://www.astrolog ... -sexuality

While our modern Gregorian calendar begins on January 1, ancient Rome celebrated the new year near the Spring Equinox in March. In this timeline, February was dedicated to new year preparation and rituals that included purification, prayer, and cleansing—especially those related to fire.

Uranus in Taurus

Spirit Guides Magazine, May 2018 https://spiritguides ... in-taurus/

Astrologically, this is perhaps the most important week of the year as Uranus moves into Taurus, an event some astrologers have lovingly called “Tauranus.”

Hearing Beethoven's Saturn Return

Academic Paper, January 2011

Ludwig van Beethoven has been considered one of the most popular composers of our time and his name evokes a veil of mystery and darkness wrapping several years of his life - particularly during the time of his Saturn Return.


Uranus: Reawakening Prometheus

Academic Paper, May 2010

This paper examines more thoroughly the Uranus/Prometheus archetype as well as its close ties with the Jungian Puer Aeternus and Trickster archetypes.


How to Work with Your North Node

The Numinous, November 2018 https://www.the-numi ... astrology/

In astrology, our North Node reveals the teachings we need to embrace for emotional evolution. With the collective North Node now shifting from Leo to Cancer, the time is ripe for going back to soul school …

How this Sagittarius New Moon Points You Toward Your North Star

Wanderlust, December 2018 https://wanderlust.c ... mber-2018/

he wise and fiery Archer draws his bow and aims it right to the heart of what moves you and makes you tick—a perfect time to re-evaluate as the year ends.

Connect to Your Commitments with this Capricorn New Moon Eclipse

Wanderlust Journal, January 2019 https://wanderlust.c ... n-eclipse/

This new moon and eclipse helps us to ground into our intentions for the year, and align with a commitment to be our best selves.

Aquarian Season in the Age of Aquarius: What You Need to Know

Wanderlust Journal, February 2019 https://wanderlust.c ... astrology/

This is the dawning of the age… But what does that mean? Read on, and then connect to Aquarian energy by coming together and catalyzing for change.

Your Total Guide to the 2019 Retrograde Cycles

The Numinous, March 2019 https://www.the-numi ... de-cycles/

As Mercury stations retro for the first time this year, savor the slow down with a total guide to ALL the 2019 retrograde cycles …

Sobriety and the Stars: Finding Your Cosmic Blueprint

The Temper, March 2019 https://www.thetempe ... blueprint/

Astrology is everywhere right now—horoscope books and apps and even “retrograde” memes (I’m looking at you, Mercury).

But although oversimplified or “pop” astrology can be fun, it rarely connects you to your personal astrology chart, which can be an important tool for healing and recovery.

Full Super Moon in Libra to Kick Off the Astrological New Year

Wanderlust Journal, March 2019 https://wanderlust.c ... -new-year/

The vernal equinox is upon us. A time ripe for new beginnings, the equinox is also a good time to take stock and find balance. Here’s what you need to know.

How Your Natal Venus Can Help Cultivate Connection

Astrology.com, May 2019 https://www.astrolog ... onnection/

And while many of us think about love in terms of romantic relationships, Venus reminds us of the beauty in all our connections—not just the erotically charged ones.


THESIS // Stargazing: Re-enchantment Through Language

Academic Paper, 2013 https://pqdtopen.pro ... um=1545416

My Master's thesis that combines philology, consciousness studies, and enchantment with the stars.

Mythological Goddesses of Astrology

Goddess Guide: Urania

The Numinous, June 2018 https://www.the-numi ... ss-urania/

With this month’s Equinox paving the way for cosmic change, it’s the perfect moment to harness the electricity and innovation of the Goddess Urania

Goddess Guide: Maia

The Numinous, May 2018 https://www.the-numinous.com/2018/05/02/goddess-maia/

As we move towards Spring’s peak, it’s time to delight in the playfully creative energies of the Goddess Maia

Goddess Guide: Ostara

The Numinous, April 2018 https://www.the-numi ... ess-guide/

With the cosmos bursting into Spring bloom, it’s prime time for channeling Ostara.

Goddess Guide: Diana

The Numinous, August 2018 https://www.the-numi ... ess-diana/

As the heat of Leo Season urges us to sparkle and shine, the myth of the Goddess Diana shows how to stoke the flames of our wildness.

How to Work With Your Lilith Sign

The Numinous, September 2018 https://medium.com/@ ... e741349b4e

In astrology, our Lilith sign connects us deeply to our primal instincts and natural impulses.

Virgo & the Astrology of Virginity

Witchy Wisdoms, August 2018 https://witchywisdoms.com/blog/

Recently the Sun has made its annual move into tropical Virgo, the symbol of the woman and refers to the word virgin.

Ceres is All About Self-care and Summertime

Astrology.com, July 2019 https://www.astrolog ... self-care/

Long before summer was about vacations and time off from school, the season was associated with the goddess Ceres, whose joy was said to cause the earth to bloom and grow.

Pallas Athene: Asteroid of Intuition and Information

Astrology.com, June 2020 https://www.astrolog ... gy-meaning

As the goddess of war, victory, craft, and wisdom, Athena was one of the most important figures in Greece. Sometimes referred to with the surname “Pallas Athene,” she was said to have been born from her father Zeus’ head in full armor.


End of the World and the Beginning of Love

Elephant Journal, December 2012 https://www.elephant ... ca-farrar/

In two weeks, it will be December 21, 2012—the important day that no one understands.

The Power of Romantic Love Frightens Me

Elephant Journal, January 2013 https://www.elephant ... ca-farrar/

However, for many of us, the ecstasy of falling in love with someone is the closest understanding we have to a blissful encounter with the divine. Romantic love fills us with feelings of wholeness, ecstasy, and joy—emotions few of us experience on a daily basis. Exactly why it is so scary to me.

10 Books for a More Loving Relationship to Yourself

Elephant Journal, December 2015 https://www.elephant ... lf-others/

Perhaps, if people spent as much time wanting to improve their relationships as their finances or career there would be a lot more happy couples? So while I may not be as skilled in other areas, I am an unofficial, self-taught love expert according to these books.